Australia is a country of great potential. There is room for many different peoples, cultures, lifestyles interlacing with one another in a manner that allows maximum scope for mutual good and for individuality within that beneficial framework.


To date the peoples of Australia have been dominated and manipulated by one foreign power or another, manipulated, sold short by successive governments and various politicians of whatever flavour. Historically we have been dominated at first as a colony of Britain and used for the benefit of the British Empire (as it was) and subsequent to WWII we have been increasingly dominated and manipulated by and for the interests of, primarily, the USA. The USA is a very apt name, more accurately pronounced the user or the usa". (Mind you, in saying that, it is wise to differentiate between the ordinary people and the government of a country.) Almost all the decisive industrial, military and social decisions made by our governments in recent decades have sold the Australian peoples short in the interests of foreign companies and governments.


For example, the privatisation of power, water, public transport, the increasing intrusion into medical and health care by privateers, the demands by the multinationals to get their dirty fingers into the public health system and the Prescription Benefits Scheme, the proposed sell out of Telstra shows just how essential it is for the people living and working in Australia to take the necessary action to achieve a genuinely independent Australia free from foreign domination and manipulation.


Currently the farmers are being badly hurt by the so called but very one sided Free Trade Agreements
 we are all being badly affected by this idiocy of world parity fuel pricing (a policy of sell-out merchants and bloody fools). The proposed sale of Telstra whereby the wishes of the people living in the country areas are being ignored by the National Party as they wheedle out ways to justify selling us down the drain for a few months and years of parliamentary perks and privileges if I am not wrong. (How wonderful it would be to be wrong on that one and find the Nationals do what they are constitutionally bound to do, represent their constituents and vote according to the wishes of the 90% plus of country people who do not want Telstra sold off any further.) The destruction of hundreds of thousands of jobs either as jobs that are no longer in existence or as full time jobs now part time is another curse of this globalisation. This undermining of Australia's independence, limited though it was, is just another aspect we ought to oppose most vehemently. There are very many other examples. People are hurting all across this vast country people in big cities and in the smallest of towns in some of the remotest parts of Australia.


It is this systematic undermining of the interests of the peoples of Australia that bring about this website. It is somewhat experimental. It is designed to provide a point of interest, a place where people can have their say (providing they do so in a reasonable manner), a place where matters of major concern can be aired with a view to like-minded people getting together, en masse, to take action over such issues. The forum is provided to give contributors a public voice.

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Over one hundred years ago the general feelings of workers across the country were expressed in the words of the poem "Freedom On The Wallaby" by Henry Lawson. In the eighteen nineties there were very strong feeling about foreign domination and manipulation by the English ruling class. These feelings for genuine independence were expressed in the many strikes and struggles of the working people of that era, so much so the at Clermont in Queensland (and at a few other places) shearers were drilling with arms and, at that time, were said to be better trained (according to an army officer of the time) than the colonial army then existing.


Today we have almost turned the full circle. Hard won concessions like the eight hour day and other entitlements workers have fought for are being legislated away by politicians acting in the interests of foreign powers, local corporate grab-alls and these scurrilous pollies are covering their anti-worker misdeeds and schemes with all sorts of ploys, spin and bulldust. It is very true that today we, sadly, have forced upon us a developing situation that is so reminiscent of the days when Henry Lawson felt compelled to express the feeling of his fellow countrymen in the following poem. It is reproduced here as a point of interest and a topic for discussion.



Freedom on the Wallaby

Henry Lawson


Australia's a big country
An' Freedom's humping bluey,
An' Freedom's on the wallaby
Oh! don't you hear 'er cooey?
She's just begun to boomerang,
She'll knock the tyrants silly,
She's goin' to light another fire
And boil another billy.

Our fathers toiled for bitter bread
While loafers thrived beside 'em,
But food to eat and clothes to wear,
Their native land denied 'em.
An' so they left their native land
In spite of their devotion,
An' so they came, or if they stole,
Were sent across the ocean.

Then Freedom couldn't stand the glare
O' Royalty's regalia,
She left the loafers where they were,
An' came out to Australia.
But now across the mighty main
The chains have come ter bind her -
She little thought to see again
The wrongs she left behind her.

Our parents toil'd to make a home -
Hard grubbin 'twas an' clearin' -
They wasn't crowded much with lords
When they was pioneering.
But now that we have made the land
A garden full of promise,
Old Greed must crook 'is dirty hand
And come ter take it from us.

So we must fly a rebel flag,
As others did before us,
And we must sing a rebel song
And join in rebel chorus.
We'll make the tyrants feel the sting
O' those that they would throttle;
They needn't say the fault is ours
If blood should stain the wattle!

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