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In 1937 a detailed study was made of the laws of Germany under Hitler's fascist regime detailing the spirit and structure of German fascism. It was clearly noted that these fascist laws did not originate in Hitler's mind but were the development of the ideas, the “wish list‚ if you like, of the biggest industrialists of the world of that era (1920s) the Rockefeller Foundation in the USA and the associated social experimental work known as the Hawthorne Experiments.


The corner stone of the Nazi fascist laws was the enforced secret agreement between the “Workscommunity Leader(bosses) and the “Workscommunity Followers (workers). The essence was that all authority is downwards and all responsibility upwards. Workers had no right to organise or have worker representation in any form, other than as an individual, thus effectively being totally disempowered as a class of people; whilst at the same time bosses determined every aspect of workplace matters, wages, hours, rest and holiday periods etc. This sheet outlines some of the most essential aspects of fascist law (the law designed in the USA by and for big business to best serve their profit maximisation interests) and today the descendants of those fascist minds of the Rockefeller Foundation are heavily represented in business forums, their ideas permeate all the most influential halls of government in the western world. It is these ideas, fascist ideas, that are the driving force in the concept of “globalisation (imperialism is the older word for it) and is the prevailing view of todays western world industrialists and their organisations such as the Business Council of Australia.





The cornerstone of Hitler's Industrial Law arrangements was the compulsory secret agreement between worker and the boss with bosses able to collude but workers MUST represent themselves alone.




The lowest, but also the most important rung of the socio-political structure is the individual enterprise and the individual management.




Above all, the Nazi position was that any tendency to dissent to rebel was to be “crushed completely, finally and ruthlessly". Note:- It was also the general position of the Industrial Creed as espoused by the Rockefeller Foundation in the 1920s. It remains the general position of the multinationals and big business today as their actions in some of the third-world countries demonstrate. Their organisations such as the BCA are strong lobbyists for such moves.





Employment at the discretion of, and under the dictates of, the “Leader of the Workplace Community" covering ALL aspects of the “Workplace Followers" employment and conditions. All authority downwards (from the bosses over the workers) and all responsibility upwards (workers to kow-tow to the bosses).



“Followers" (workers) are to rely on the “goodness of the Leader" No genuine organisation of workers of any sort is allowed. No unions, no spontaneous workers groups, nor are community advocacy groups allowed.




Businesses can have their organisations (bosses organisations) and their collective ways of working or colluding; allegedly in the interests of the state.  Workers have no rights at all.





Farm workers who leave agriculture (low paid work) for higher paid work in the cities during the harvesting season are seen as “saboteurs. and were punished accordingly.




The unemployed were denied any assistance for six weeks if they were cut off (here in Australia called breached) for leaving their job.



Nacht und Nebel(Night and Fog) was the name the Nazis gave the policy of removing political and other dissidents. including prominent militant workers without any trace. They were spirited away by one or other of the secret police bodies to a prison at an unknown location; often in an occupied country. Such prisoners are held totally incommunicad, no lawyers, no advice about their location or even their existence to anybody, especially not their family.





The use of concentration camps were tested on the German people (political opponents and dissidents) long before they were used as a weapon against the German working class generally, or later the Jews and others deemed “unwanted.






Those resisting the fascist regime of Hitler were faced prison, physical and psychological torture, isolation in solitary confinement, or were more directly killed.








The AWA is an agreement made on the identical framework.







Howard's stance is much the same on this.






On behalf of his multinational masters Howard is installing this position in Australia today, one step at a time; changing the law in nominally different fields (IR, “Anti-Terror, Immigration and generally) to enable fascist law to be masked and imposed bit by bit.









Howard's IR laws are almost the same save for a few minor items. Identical ideas, modified at present by the above “protected areas are the centre of Howard's policies also.






Current legal restrictions on workers rights to organise effectively bring workers in Australia very heavily toward Hitler's IR laws. We must ask ourselves, “How much further will Howard's fascist minded ideologues push their agenda should Howard win the 2007 election?



Businesses can likewise have their organisations, their collective and collusive ways of working, such as the BCA, MBA, HIA and so on. Workers can have only token power. Trade Unions exist but are restrained and confined by law and are a mere shadow of what real fighting workers organisations should be.



Current “welfare" laws have parallels to this giving very strong indications that even more stringent laws and penalties may be brought in later on.




Under Howard the breach period has been extended to eight (or even 12 weeks??)






Howard's anti-terror laws are exactly the same barring they have a notional time limit of two weeks, a limit which is easily got around by releasing and re-arresting people immediately they are in public space again.







Howard has tested his concentration camps (a rose by any other name is still a rose) on those seeking refuge and illegal immigrants. He has also used camps outside Australia in much the same way Hitler did in occupied territory. The difference being Howard negotiated for places for his concentration camps.

How soon will it be used against Australian workers or those deemed “industrial terrorists"?




How long before the concentration camps in remote Australia are used against militant Australian workers and the office-bearers of their organisations?

How long before these workers are treated as David Hicks is being treated in Guantanamo Bay because they are deemed “Industrial Terrorists"?


























































Compare the list above of Hitler's law and Howard's law; then make up your own mind. Remember in our case in Australia today we must take all the aspects of social, industrial and anti-terrorism laws into account as Howard has moved Australia a long way down the path to fascism via a somewhat fragmented process, disguising the anti-worker, police state legislation, by fragmenting it into supposedly separate aspects. Combine these aspects and see the full extent of Howard's Law for what it is fascist law designed to enable the manipulation and total disempowerment of workers in the interests of the profit maximisation schemes of big business.



History shows us we only have as many rights and freedoms as we are prepared to most vehemently fight for.  All workers need to take urgent action to defend ourselves against the fascist push by industry and their stooges, especially so those stooges in the federal government. We must learn from past struggles. The fascist type law known as the “Penal Powers" was defeated by concerted mass action when workers from Adelaide to Cape York went out on strike in 1969.


We can not rely on parliamentary processes, look how that has brought us back to the place workers started way back in the late 1800s. Parliament is the graveyard of struggle. It is the democracy we have when there is no real democracy at all. Today we live under the heel of the dictatorship of big business. It is driven by the multinationals agenda for maximising profit, the ultimate end point of that process is rule by open force fascism.


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